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eCommerce Solutions
eCommerce Standard

eCommerce Solutions   ❯

• Hand Coded
• Custom Design
• Fully Responsive
• Google Mobile Tested
• Google Verified Submission
• Basic Product Category
• eCommerce platform
• eCommerce CMS Backend
• Compatible on all devices
• 100% Custom Grahic Design
• Up-scalable

Our process first starts with a chat to understand information about your project and the details of how you want your Online Store to be designed. This lets us realise the same vision you have. We believe talking to you over the phone achieves the most accurate transfer of primary information and answers many of your questions at the same time. Our customer support understands the complete process in whole and has been involved in the formation of our eCommerce Web Development platforms from the beginning. We believe a compact professional Web Store can be produced to reflect a small business or start-up with proven value. After you decide which platform is ideal for your business we produce a Work Sheet that contains all of the details and expectations your business requires.

Make contact with us today to have a detailed tour of the demo and this service we offer.
The On-High St Demo is an example of all the inclusions offered in the eShop Solutions Platform. Explore all of the detail in the Demo to fully realise & learn about all the features & cart functions of this platform to find out if this fits your project & brand.

The eCommerce Solutions Platform is an eCommerce website that is hand coded and custom designed. It is not a template or a theme. It is not WordPress. This platform is a website made to the client’s design specifications from scratch. We specialise in creating custom style sheets in responsive design. In a nut shell, custom Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are what makes your site look original and work the way you desire. This process is unique to our company in this price bracket. Many web design companies re-design a pre-made template or use a theme to get a similar result - obviously not desirable.

Hand Coded custom sites are usually in a higher price bracket. However, we have been able to bring this price point down due to our entire business model being focused towards providing a customised CSS solution. We have implemented this forward thinking because we know that clients looking for an eCommerce website in 2017 are searching for a unique and elegant design rather than a template or theme.

This platform is fully responsive and works across all devices from desktop to mobiles and everything in-between. It comes Google verified, mobile tested, & is compatible with SEO. We include Keywords and unique content that helps passively improve your Google ranking.

The eCommerce component offers a basic product category system that is completely up-scalable. The CMS Backend allows the seller to control all relevant functions of the shopping cart data base system with ease.

The Shopping Cart System

There are many choices for clients seeking eCommerce shopping cart systems and payment gateways. Please understand that all shopping cart systems at the professional level have ongoing subscription fees (even WooCommerce). The fees and plans purchased for eCommerce cart systems are required for security and to perform continuous updates to the cart system.

We build our websites using Ecwid as the cart system running the online store securely on all our platforms. We do not profit in anyway from your purchase of a cart system plan from Ecwid. Our fee is a one off payment only.

We have chosen to partner with the Ecwid shopping cart system because of its complete value that we believe is second to none, it offers value for money and real support. Our clients can choose the Free Plan ($0 per month). This plan is limited to 10 products in your store.

The Venture plan ($15 USD ) supports up to 100 products in your store and at this price point its the popular choice for this platform.

For more information on larger Ecwid plans and pricing please explore the website.

For a review of Ecwid shopping cart system please click here.

We build your shopping cart system with 10 products installed and then teach you how to add any amount of products, only limited by your Ecwid plan. Full phone support and a training video will allow you to easily manage your shopping cart system.

We also offer options on all of our platforms for more product categories installed to your online store.

Ecwid along with our platform is scalable for the modern social media world. Facebook and Instagram implementation of your store is also a service we can provide.

For further details please let us help you today, give us a call!

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