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CUSTOM HAND CODED RESPONSIVE DEVELOPMENT & DESIGN Modern professional webdesign is centred around being responsive and comparable on all devices. When research begins into your project certain standard factors have to be utilised to fully bring your professional website to completion. Today the mobile device takes centre stage in viewing all things online. To have a truly compatible responsive website, responsive design is a standard that must be established from the start. No website looks exactly the same on a mobile device but the experience to the user should be just as good.

All big brands use whats know as custom ‘hand coded’ webdesign. This is webdesign built from the ground up, hand crafted form scratch. Many low end web developers use whats commonly known as ‘templates’ to produce a website in order to save time. If you could choose between the two options it would always be ‘hand coded’. This is where we specialise in providing an affordable solution that in many cases is even lower priced then the ’template’ option. We have developed systems to produce a ‘hand coded’ website with graphic design in house. Our hope is that you will look at our latest work here so you can realise these features and the fact that they are all included within the $4000 AU price point. We also service the more high end client with other extra options not seen in our latest work example. We want to show all general clients exactly what they will get within the price point so more expensive work will not be used as an example of our latest work. It’s important to note that the general price for a fully professional website (not just landing page) in the conventional industry starts at around $5000 AU. This is almost always only the ’template’ re-design for you option. ‘Hand coded’ Web Development is even more expensive and usually reserved for larger invested clients.

All professional webdesign requires some form of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for the website to be placed in good Google ranking. We offer a passive on page SEO feature in this price point. It is not an extra cost and it is not an ongoing active marketing scheme. An online presence is not built over night like some will try and sell you. It is a process that first requires a solid foundation. We aim to work with you to meet your needs and be realistic using facts not sales.

Our process first starts with a chat to understand information about your project and the details you have been thinking about so we can realise the same vision you already have. We believe talking to you over the phone achieves the most accurate transfer of primary information and answers many of your questions at the same time. Our customer support understands the complete process and has been involved in the formation of our Web Development platforms from the beginning. We believe a website can be produced at a quality level above what other companies consider normal at this price point. This begins with a close understanding of you and your project. After our chat with you we produce a Work Sheet that contains all of the details and expectations your business requires. This is more than a proposal it’s the first stage of your projects foundation.

The requirements we need from you are: your base content - this can be a small or large component of information. It is your responsibility to provide us with your own words and any pictures you provide us must be your own. Copy Right is an important issue to keep in mind throughout the process so all information you provide will be your own. Our team will start the Graphic Design and Web Development stage and the pages will begin to come to life. You have the option to communicate with us freely and guide us so that we can land your project inside your original vision with wonderful success.

For an Online Store eCommerce website see our eCommerce Solutions platform & eCommerce Industry Standard demo products for that service.

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